Hello Internet!  This is Justin Hill creator of BirdBall.  A lot has happened with BirdBall since I first made a prototype in 2009!  Although I have not been producing BirdBall for quite some time because of lack of money and contractual obligations, things have changed, and I have decided to relaunch the product through Kickstarter!  I have wanted for some time now to tweak BirdBall making it harder for dogs to destroy, as well as making some different versions that I think people and dogs will love!   I have another product design I am going to couple with the BirdBall called Fetch Pro. Fetch Pro is dog toy throwing tool with an adjustable gripper so that you can throw any size and shape toy ranging from 1 inch to about 6 inches in diameter. I think it is very useful!  You can check it out as well as my Blog about everything going on with developing dog products and hopefully mass producing them again and actually having a successful business! If you want to check it out go to http://www.FetchProDogToy.com

Let’s have fun!

-Justin Garrett Hill