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Jo and Nate explain BirdBall the whistling fetch toy for dogs

-Playing Fetch with Your Dog is More Fun with BirdBall

-BirdBall brings new life to the old game of fetch.

-The farther and faster you throw BirdBall the louder it whistles and chirps, so dogs always know when and where BirdBall is thrown.

-You will never have to fetch a ball again yourself because your dog will always hear BirdBall flying through the air.

-If your dog likes squeaky toys, then it will love the bird-like chirping sounds BirdBall makes when you throw it.

-BirdBall is not electronic, it chirps from air flowing through its 12 whistles.

-BirdBall is ideal to play with at the park.

-BirdBall is compatible with tennis ball launchers.

-BirdBall is uniquely colorful, it is durable, and it floats.

-BirdBall is made with EVA plastic; the wings are made of fleece.